Genius, Billionaire

Playboy, Philanthropist

This is Tony Stark, the (once again) CEO of Stark Industries. Sometimes called Gadget. But you all probably know who I am already, don't you? Of course. This is me, screwing around when I'm not doing business things like dodging meetings, burying paperwork, and being a superhero.

"And I am Jarvis. I am Mr. Stark's more-or-less human butler, and the AI in charge of the tower."

Current M!A: None
Status afflictions: Jarvis is now permanently more-or-less human.

(Indie rp blog for movieverse Tony Stark, with some Jarvis on the side. AU, diverges from canon after The Avengers movie.
Muse and mun are both of legal age. NSFW content may not be behind a Read More, but it will be tagged.)

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